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About me – Coach

Coach life coach, mentor  & Hypnotherapist.

Personal development coach, ICF certified, with 30 years of professional experience. Mentor and NGH certified hypnotherapist. Graduate of the Silva Method.

I strongly believe in the need to invest in talent development, through coaching and mentoring, to enable people to develop their potential at all levels.

I use hypnosis to help with certain issues.
With an international training in coaching, I complete it with a certification in hypnosis.
This background allows me to accompany you and help you make positive and significant changes in your life through the following coaching:

  • Personal development coaching which aims to help you overcome life’s challenges and find your way (self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience);
  • A 5-step transformation process for women who have undergone breast cancer followed by reconstruction;
  • Hypnosis coaching to resolve inner conflicts, calm anxieties, discover and overcome possible blockages.

I propose to work on elements such as :

  • The management of overwhelming emotions (anxiety, phobias, stress, anger, sadness…);
  • The management of behaviors (tobacco, OCD, phobias);
  •  Management of sleep disorders, improvement of self-confidence, motivation, self-esteem;
  •  Pain management (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery,..).

Contact me and find out what I have to offer to help you develop a positive approach and get the results you want.

  • Certified Personal Development Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation) – Malaysia;
  • Mentor – Duo for a Job – Belgium;
  • Hypnotherapist certified by NGH – Belgium;
  • Silva Mind Control – Alpha&Omega – Belgium;
  • Certified coach by Chart Learning solutions (Hybrid training solutions) – Belgium;
  •  Coaching and mentoring by Mc Kinsey – Belgium;
  • Master in International Purchasing Management – France.

Fabienne Leclerc – Hypnothérapeute

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