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Christophe Abbès

Coach in Schaerbeek

William Bordes

Coach in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert

Nathalie Colleaux

Coach in Brussels

Marina Colombo

Coach in Brussels

Isaure de Foucaud

Coach in Ixelles

Sophie De wolf

Coach in Etterbeek

Alberto Fabris

Coach in Brussels - Ixelles

Sandra Fernandez

Therapist in Linkebeek

Chantal Feuerlein

Coach in Brussels - Ixelles

Petar Leventić

Somatic Coach - Communication Trainer in Ixelles

Sibylle Malphettes

Coach Hypnologist in Waterloo

Luisa Mannu

Coach in Brussels - Schaerbeek

Sorush Missaghi

Coach in Auderghem

Christine Mullebrouck

Coach in Anderlecht

Irua Ormazabal

Coach in Ixelles

Aly Sassi

Coach in Brussels - Uccle - Ixelles

Delphine Remy

Coach in Brussels - Kraainem

Sébastien Renouprez

Coach in Brussels - Etterbeek - Auderghem

Oriane Schreuer

Coach in Brussels - Watermael-Boitsfort

Elizabeth Shuler

Coach Online

Heidi Vanderstraeten

Coach in Merchtem

Florian Vereecken

Coach in Brussels - Etterbeek

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At what point does someone need a therapist?

There is never a good or a bad time. Whatever your problem, your worry or simply your desire to speak or to be listened to, you can call a therapist whenever you feel the need. It is your desire and your need which are at the heart of this process. Here are some examples of specific problems which could lead to a patient consulting a therapist:
You feel an uneasiness at work, […]

Symptoms of worry, stress

Human beings are by nature frequently subjected to fear: a threatening situation, moments in life categorised by uncertainty, and apprehension – there are so many moments which generate a feeling of fear or danger.

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