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My name is Delphine Remy, I am a psychotherapist trained with Gestalt (Belgian Institute for Gestalt) and Sandplay (with Nicole Deschrevel founder of the IBG).

I accompany:

  • parents encountering difficulties: parenthood support, transgenerational work, how to find your way between “Behavior, emotions & needs”; how to adapt your relationship to your child’s needs;
  • children (from 5 years) and teenager with emotional, behavioral or interpersonal difficulties;
  • adults;
  • couples;

Therapy length depends of each problematic and is adapted to your needs.

I built on my communication experience

I built on my communication experience* and studied at the Belgian Institute for Gestalt therapy. The human being is so complex and fascinating, that ongoing training is a must be. That’s why I completed my studies by following a specific training in Sandplay therapy with Nicole Deschrevel founder of the IBG. Ongoing training helps me also to get a deeper understanding of some topics that particularly interest me such as: parenthood, kids and all their problematics, anxiety, burn-out, stress, creativity…

As a mother of 2 little girls, I face parenting issues in my daily life. The same issues as parents I met in my office or in workshops. It helps me to have a posture anchored in reality and a deeper understanding of difficulties parents are facing each day in their family, at school, with friends, in society…

Writer and blogger, my essay on “Boredom” was published in the Cahiers de Gestalt Therapy “… fiances” published in December 2014 (a bi-annual thematic journal published by the European College of Gestalt therapy and the “Exprimerie” publishing house specializing in literature dedicated to psychotherapy and particularly Gestalt therapy).

Outside the office, I run Parenthood workshops helping parents to find inner resources, enlightening trans generational transmission, helping them to find appropriate response to kids behaviors and needs, helping them to verbalize their and their kid’s emotions, work with them to help them to build their kid’s good self-esteem.

Former high-level gymnast, I also organize workshops on body consciousness that help to become aware of physical body sensations / feelings but also how these sensations are revealing emotions.

As I first worked in national and international communication agencies*, I’m personally interested in the following themes: stress, managers loneliness and decision process, creative management, loyalty problematics, game of power, harassment situation or burn-out.

* I have a degree in communication from the Belgian University of Belgium and also followed a specific creative management training. I spent the first part of my career in communication agencies and managed national & international account (such as Unilever, Kraft, European Commission, Kellogg’s, Rolex…).

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Therapist Brussels – Delphine Remy
Therapist Brussels – Delphine Remy

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At what point does someone need a therapist?

There is never a good or a bad time. Whatever your problem, your worry or simply your desire to speak or to be listened to, you can call a therapist whenever you feel the need. It is your desire and your need which are at the heart of this process. Here are some examples of specific problems which could lead to a patient consulting a therapist:
You feel an uneasiness at work, […]

The result

The results vary from one person to another. Therapy allows you to put into words things which will let you draw a line under these problems, or find the causes and explanations which will make you stronger and more able to manage your emotions towards these problems.

Therapy for depression

Diagnosing oneself as suffering from depression or not is not always possible. For a professional opinion, you are advised to speak to a therapist. depression psychologist depression

Certain medical and physiological causes can sometimes bring about depressive episodes, for example. More specific mental disorders can also lead to symptoms of depression. Only a health professional will be able to make a correct diagnosis…

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