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Hello and welcome to my profile,

I’m a young Belgian psychologist who’s just entered her thirties (and I’m okay with it). After a busy year as a psychosocial assistant with the Brussels-Capital Police, I decided to set up my own paramedical practice in Evere, La Bulle d’Oxygène.
I specialize in :

  •  Stress and anxiety management;
  •  Work on self-confidence and self-image;
  •  Grief;
  •  Career transition;
  •  Burnout;
  •  Conflict management (mediation, conciliation, etc.);
  •  Support following harassment/sexual harassment;
  •  Etc…

My approach is integrative, based above all on humanistic and experiential currents. I see my patients as the main actors of their own change and experts in their own lives. For me, the professional therapist must remain humble and open-minded. Therapy is a journey that is co-constructed in a relationship of trust between therapist and patient.

I have also taken several training courses, including one with the International School of Coaching, to deepen my knowledge. I’m convinced that coaching tools offer a more concrete analysis and response that psychologists need to integrate into their practice.
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Symptoms of worry, stress

Human beings are by nature frequently subjected to fear: a threatening situation, moments in life categorised by uncertainty, and apprehension – there are so many moments which generate a feeling of fear or danger.

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