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I’ve been at the bottom. I know what it is like to feel worthless and hopeless. I also know that, like me, you have everything you need inside you to find hope and crawl out of the darkness. It just takes a little help. Coach Online

I am a wounded healer. I walked the path to learn to heal my own wounds and to accept the shadows that are a part of me. I have moved from survival, to functioning, to thriving. I was lucky; I had a few people who loved me no matter what. They weren’t perfect, but that unconditional love and acceptance gave me the strength to move through the darkness, embrace it, and find the light. I want to be that stable, accepting, genuine person who helps you find the strength and compassion within yourself to move toward the light. Coach Online

I want to be beside you on the path through your darkness and help you to the other side. I want to help you scale the mountain so that when you summit, you see the beauty and love floating all around you. I want to show you how to delve deep into caves, finding truths that will lead you back to the light.

We all have darkness. During graduate school I had a very wise professor who told us “Everything is trauma, it all comes back to trauma.” That truth, that we all have trauma– individual, collective, generational, or otherwise–illuminates a path to not just surviving, but thriving. I want to help you find that path. I want to walk with you on that journey.

Now that you know who I am, here are my credentials and trainings:

I am a transformational coach, yoga therapist, and psychedelic integration coach, with over 14 years of experience. I specialize in helping individuals heal from trauma, grow personally and professionally, and create a life they love.

Since 2015, I have lived abroad, starting in Jordan, moving to China, and finally ending up in Belgium. As an international school counselor by day, I worked with international students, parents, and professionals dealing with transition, culture shock, and burnout on top of all of the other life stressors that come along. As a coach and therapist by night, I saw many international professionals who didn’t feel like enough, thought they were too sensitive, or who wanted to find personal and professional fulfillment.

I completed a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling in 2014, Yoga Teacher certification & Reiki Master certification in 2015, and my PsyD & Yoga Therapy certification in 2023.

I also have certifications and training in coaching, trauma treatment, psychedelic assisted therapy, and online therapy.

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