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How can a counsellor help cope with learning of an illness or its treatment?

Learning of a serious illness, like cancer for example, is a very powerful episode in the psyche of the individual. Adapting to this reality and making it known to your nearest and dearest evokes a profound destabilisation of great intensity.

Following the initial shock, being under medical surveillance will evoke different sensations: a powerful desire to cope with it and undertake everything required in order to heal, euphoria and certainty, the latter often alternating with other recurring symptoms such as: psychologist brussels therapist brussels counsellor psychologist brussels therapist brussels counsellor

  • a great feeling of sadness, or even depression coach brussels, coaching brussels
  • anxiety or worries psychologist brussels therapist brussels counsellor
  • increased irritability going sometimes as far as aggression coach brussels, coaching brussels

Each individual has their own way of expressing their pain, physical and mental.

Asking for the support of a counsellor Psychologist Brussels

Some sensations and feelings which you will go through are sometimes difficult, even impossible, to express to your nearest and dearest. A counsellor can constitute a special person to speak to, because they are not part of your circle. They are therefore the third party who can lend their ear to the particular problems linked to your illness.

Sometimes it is even your close ones who feel the need to talk to an outsider about the consequences of their friend/partner/child’s illness on their own life, as well as the weight of the responsibilities or the feeling of guilt that that provokes in them. coach brussels, coaching brussels

Therapist Brussels benefits from experience with ill people in the hospital sector, notably at the heart of the oncology service. Refer to the page About me for more information. psychologist brussels therapist brussels counsellor

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