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Hi! My name is Florian Vereecken, founder of Limitless – Beyond You and certified Identity Coach.

My personal journey has led me to become a fully fledge coach, to help people find their true self, and express their full potential. I grew up in Belgium, surrounded by nature, in a caring and loving family. I had all I could possibly ask for, but one thing: Purpose.

So i went on my own journey, i worked in factories, i was engaged as a ranger in wildlife reserves in South Africa, i worked as a sailing teacher and a massage therapist in Southern France. I tried as hard as i could to thrive in what i did. I developed many different skills, but still couldn’t find any real purpose in life. Florian Vereecken – Etterbeek

Then i asked myself that simple question: “If all jobs where paid the same, what would you be doing?” The answer that came immediately to my mind was: Healing. That’s what i wanted to do! To make this world a better place by coaching people, and enable them to build the identity their soul would embrace!

Discover yourself through the beauty of nature coach brussels, coaching brussels

Through your inner journey, discover the unlimited beauty of nature and its wonderful effects on the human body!

My coaching style is a travel-guided experience in search of your own identity through physical activities and wellness breaks that tap into the healing power of the natural world to help you travel beyond yourself and gain a deeper insight into your life!

My service is tailor-made for you, based on who you are. With my unique, tested approach, you’ll be able to transform yourself and create your identity from the inside out through various mindfulness activities including hiking in the woods, massages, reiki, hypnosis/tapping, and sessions of culture discoveries.
While the main activity is concentrated around coaching, I believe that building a new identity is a journey that should venture further than simply within our rational part. Our body, mind, brain, and spirit should all be aligned with these newfound goals you have set for yourself.

My goal is to touch and help millions of lives. So, if i can change the world by helping people get back to their core selves, then my work is done. I don’t want to be just “seen”. I want to be a people’s servant; help them be free of obstacles that hold them back. I believe the life and prosperity you desire are your birthright. I just want to be the friend that teaches you how to build it with peace and purpose as your foundation!

Live with clarity, pntegrity, purpose, and authenticity. Be unapologetically you. coach brussels, coaching brussels
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Florian Vereecken – CoachFlorian VereeckenFlorian VereeckenFlorian Vereecken – Coach
Florian Vereecken – CoachFlorian VereeckenFlorian VereeckenFlorian Vereecken – Coach

Coach Brussels | Florian Vereecken |
Coach Brussels | Florian Vereecken |

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