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Sandra Ryusan Fernández is an educator, Zen Shiatsu therapist, and integral coach. A trained teacher and practicing Buddhist, she is passionate about emotional education and personal development, helping people adopt natural lifestyles.

She strives to empower individuals by balancing their mind and emotions when facing difficult life circumstances, such as burnout, depression, illnesses like cancer, or simply to better take care of themselves. She guides them towards health and balance on a deep energetic, physical, mental, and emotional level through emotional education, integral coaching, Zen Shiatsu (traditional Chinese medicine/work on acupuncture points and meridians), and Zen philosophy. This holistic approach encompasses the body, mind, and emotions.

A graduate of the University of Malaga, Sandra has been working as a practitioner and teacher of the first cycle of Zen Shiatsu since 2008, after intensive training at the Habalkagual School of Zen Shiatsu in Spain. She also holds a diploma as an Expert in Integral Coaching from the National University of Distance Education in Madrid (UNED), where she is currently studying psychology. Since 2016, she has been the Zen Shiatsu therapist at the Ressource Center ASBL and owns her own practice.

Originally from Spain, Sandra speaks fluent French and English, allowing her to work with a diverse clientele.

“Human contact is necessary and beneficial. It is an art, a science, and a miracle.”

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The result

The results vary from one person to another. Therapy allows you to put into words things which will let you draw a line under these problems, or find the causes and explanations which will make you stronger and more able to manage your emotions towards these problems.

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